Girltown offers 28 different rentals of 4 different types. They range in weekly rent from $L 50/week in HoboTown up to $L 650/week for our luxury 2 BR Penthouse Suite in our Beach Condo. Using an exchange rate of $L 270 = $US 1, that translates to a low of $US 0.19/week up to a high of $US 2.41/week. Not bad at all, huh?

The Skyhome shown here is a mid-range rental. This particular unit belongs to a lovely lesbian couple named Sandie and Leia. They will be happy to discuss living at Girltown if you would IM, (instant message), them when in-world?

Sandie, in RL, is a particularly TALENTED home decorator! You should SEE how beautiful this home is inside. :) Leia is a lucky girl to have such a talented wife. Well, to give Leia just do, she did pick out the spa on the deck! Hahahah. Oh, I should add that Leia is a good cook. Her favorite is "potato pancakes," called "Latkes" by Jewish folk.

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