Wanna have some REAL fun? Take the "elevator" up to the 1000 meter high Girltown Skydiving Platform. Wow! Just before you board the elevator, (don't worry, it's SAFE), there are instructions on HOW and WHAT to do to try skydiving. There are 2 more signs on how to skydive once you arrive high in the sky, explaining everything. Also, there is a FREE parachute up there that you can KEEP. If you read the instructions, it even has a built-in "parachute re-packer" so you don't have to go to parachute re-packing school. :)

Once you gather up the courage to leap off the platform, (likely closing your eyes), the chute is programmed to open at 1000 feet, (305 meters), above the ground. If you're really looking for a nice flight, you can, if you read the instructions you're given, open the chute much higher up! You can easily steer the open chute using your arrow keys and drift down slowly around our entire island. It is FUN.

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