This plot of land is deep within the OLDEST part of Second Life, and is, although it may not look it, here on its fringe, it's one of the most densely populated areas of SL. It was the FIRST land mass built by the wonderful people of Linden Lab, creators of Second Life.

Linden Lab, in its generosity, has seen fit to GIVE, premium members of SL, TWO free parcels of land, and this is the one Girltown chose. It is used as a sort of "advertising medium" for Girltown. Here, passers by, are given an idea of what our Girltown home is like as various aspects of it are shown and described. There is info about our Girltown website, at and other stuff. On the far left you see a large 10 meter square poster board. It changes daily and gives the names of people whose rezz day (SL birthday), it is. It's a very large birthday greeting card to honor those Girltown members on it.

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