Our Girltown Hobotown Village rentals is a group of 16 VERY low-cost rentals high above Girltown Island. This is the low-rent complex anywhere, IMHO, in SL. The rent here is $L 50/week, where "$L" = "Linden $$," the currency of Second Life. At an exchange rate of ~ 270 L$ to $1 USA, this is equivalent to 19 cents/week! Cheap, huh?

As you can see, HoboTown is comprised of 3 large circular platforms. 2 are the living areas, and a 3rd is an optional fun area with a "No-Tell Motel" for women :) Naughty, naughty, huh? Deal with it! In the center of each of the 2 housing platforms is a comfortable, and well-equipped rest and recreation area. Many comfy "sits" are provided, and, to improve and maintain the "look," there are some buzzing flies along with trash and other litter. No home should be without such nice amenities, huh? :) Last, but not least, a large shower area is provided for your daily "rinse off" and there is an outhouse for your use. All in all, quite NICE for such cheap rent?

Each unit is "bare bones" but has a rumpled, and grungy, mattress, a door that closes and locks, with the option of a security orb. Also included is a FREE "Sanitary Bucket" for any "daily waste." :) As a convenience, since each unit backs up to a low wall, when the bucket is full, just empty it over the side and yell "Look our below!"

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