This is a SCARY place along the Trolley path, a foreboding graveyard and haunted house. If you dare walk inside you will be greeted by the ghosts of two young girls, no longer resident on this mortal coil. Actually the interior is like the hallway of a large hotel in Colorado, in the USA. It was the sight of gruesome axe murders years back and made "famous" in a creepy old movie starring Jack Nicholson.

You will also see coffins here. One of them is reserved for visitors, like YOU. :) Click the coffin and the lid will open, revealing a soft upholstered interior. Care to lie down and try it, for fit? Oh, why not? Are you afraid, deathly afraid, maybe? Hehehehehe.

Appropriately, the area is sometimes shrouded in fog accompanied by rain, lightning, and thunder. Don't bother to wipe your tears, dear guests, as no one will see them, and no one will hear you scream!

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