Free Fun For Women

So you are a BRAVE, and maybe frazzled woman, and YOU clicked THIS link. Well, you just may be in for a pleasant surprise !!

There ARE "rabbit holes" on the Net. It IS true. There are 3D worlds out in what is called the "metaverse." You access these worlds as you would any website. You "join," for free, and become the woman of your dreams !! You choose an AV, an avatar, of your choice. You then learn HOW to"move around" in this fantasy world and interact with other people worldwide. Believe it or not, but you can walk, run, FLY, or even teleport, (TP), to 1000's of places in a 3D world !! Wow, such FUN !! If you're elderly, in-firmed, even a movie star, or you just don't have the body you would LIKE to have, CHANGE IT !! You can CHANGE your image to be what YOU want HER to be! Go back in time, visit the Titanic in 1912, in the harbor at Southampton, before she sails, visit a '50s diner, skydive off of the Eiffel Tower, virtually, (no pun intended). ANYTHING is possible. :) It is TRUE !!

You can ESCAPE our real world easily. At this point in time, 2018, there are about 250 3D virtual worlds "out there." Most are VERY small, and likely not worth your time, but there are a FEW very LARGE ones, with MILLIONS of people from all around the world to meet and make friends with. Do a search on the following; they are the two LARGEST 3D worlds: #1 is "Second Life" and #2 is "InWorlds." Don't worry about language differences, worldwide. There are free language translators in Second Life!

You can even MEET with ME, your WebMistress, if you care to, at our GIRLTOWN home ??

Thank you!
Linda Latte - WebMistress & Girltown HouseMom :)