At the northwest of our island is OUR Garden of Eternal Love. It's a cemetery dedicated to our remembrance of loved ones, both girlfriends and wives, who we were close to in SL (Second Life), and who have now passed away in RL (Real Life).

It doesn't matter the religion, race, or anything equally unimportant, only that she is now gone in RL, but lives on in your heart, forever.

If you pass me, Linda Latte (aka River song), her name and desired words of endearment, I will create a fitting tombstone for your approval, OK? You may come here at any time to remember your lost love. There is a really nice park bench, fresh and lovely flowers, a manicured lawn, and a tree. Bring an umbrella tho, huh? At times, but not often, it rains lightly here. It is fitting that it does, as the rain will enhance your emotions as you cry.

Do you see the girl flying in the foreground? That is ME, Linda Latte, and the "funny looking" object in the top left is one of our Security Droids. All members of our Girltown Security Force have them. They follow us about, and are on-guard, 24/7. They deal out punishment to any man who dares land on our Island, or any evil-doer who would desecrate this area of love.

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