Here is our Girltown Trolley. It gives an informative guided tour all around our Girltown Island, stopping at major attractions. To promote a green environment, and avoid noxious gasoline fumes, it is electric powered and has a solar panel is on the roof. True to its propulsion mechanism, you will hear the realistic motor start & stop throughout its 10 minute cycle around our island.

Also, to help keep our manicured green lawns clean, no dust that is stirred up along its path is allowed to be carried over and deposited on a lawn to "dirtify" it. :) A cleverly designed "anti-dust doo-hickey" is employed that is switched on/off as the trolley passes over lawn areas. How is THAT for "environmental correctness?"

Oh, BTW, that symbol on the front of the trolley, the shadow of a girl on a pink background? It is our Girltown Logo. When you join our group you will receive a FREE virtual tee shirt to wear with pride.

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