The Girltown Steamboat, like our Trolley, offers tours around, and thru, Girltown, but it uses the waterways instead. It stops to allow boarding and un-loading of passengers at two locations. One is at the front of our home, in the center of our island, and the other is at the Nude Beach. It is a simple design, based on the classic old film called "The African Queen," starring Humphrey Bogart,"Bogey," and actress, (later his wife), Lauren Bacall, ("Babe.") It is steam powered, and, if you look closely, you will see its spinning propeller at the rear. :) Nice touch, huh?

Be wary when riding the Girltown Steamboat. She may have a look of innocence, but her course, on the south side of our island, is anything but innocent. You may want to wear a life vest as "rough seas" are ahead thru VERY turbulent waters at some points! Can you imagine spaghetti, sloshing back and forth, left their by previous passengers, who have heaved? I've seen it, it's a nasty sight. Yuch.

The boat seats four, two in front, and two cuddling in back. The last two to board get the "cuddle seats."

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