That grey, winged, and hideous CREATURE standing on the back porch of our home is our Man Killer Robot. Her name is Claudia2, and she is from the planet Sirius. She has it within her power to tell the difference between men and women visiting our island, and ATTACKING all the men. Actually, not to deflate her image, she is not all that SMART. She has the ability to invisibly approach all who land and then look inside their pants, or panties, as the case may be.  :) If she discovers a MAN, indicated by the small brain between his legs, all heck breaks loose. The man is attacked by a swarm of ugly spyders, eaten and shreaded. His body parts lie on the lawn, and slowly dissolve there. It really is a SIGHT to see !!

The picture behind her is our Girltown Security Force. These intrepid and brave ladies serve in place of the robot when she crashes. As you can see they are a tough looking bunch, and well armed. Be AFRAID men, be DEATHLY afraid !!