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Girltown is a 3-Dimensional island far out in the metaverse. It exists at the Second Life coordinates of Vitrae (132, 124, 21). You may reach our island by becoming a FREE member of "Second Life," (SL), by clicking the link above. Once a member, you will be able to create a 3D avatar which will represent your virtual self within the Second Life virtual world. As a member of "SL" you will be able to experience an entire NEW world, BUT, one caveat: To visit US, here at Girltown, your avatar MUST be FEMALE as Girltown is for women ONLY. If you are a man, our man killer robot will give you a rude welcome: You will be attacked, devoured, and ripped asunder by a pack of nasty spyders. Your gruesome remains will be left on the lawn to dissolve as fertilizer. ;)  So, MEN BEWARE! Women ONLY at Girltown. OK?  :)

Now, let us TAKE A TOUR of our lovely island, huh? To zoom in, and visit places within Girltown, PICK a NUMBER in the image below, then CLICK the SAME NUMBER in the list down BELOW.

Girltown Map Destinations

1 Our Home
Front Lawn
Front Lawn Plaza
Man Killer Robot
5 Forest
Girltown Condo
Girltown Condo Sign
Power Station
Drive-In Theatre
10 Club House
11 Club Roof
12 Freebie Mall
13 Girltown Office
14 Rocket Engines
15 Trolley
16 Graveyard
17 Haunted House
18 Man Woman Sign
19 No-Tell Motel
20 Notice Posters
21 Nude Beach
22 Poster Shoppe
23 Steamboat
24 Sunken Pirate Ship
25 T-Shirt Shoppe
26 Wedding Pavillion