In some of the views you've seen, you may have seen "floating homes" above our island? These one shown here is called a Sky Home and is the private residence of our Girltown founder, River Song (aka Linda Latte). It is supported in the air by 2 powerful rocket engines shown in another view, and is at an altitude of about 125 meters (410 feet) above the ground. The 4 Sky Homes just below are affordable rentals and are at an altitude of about 100 meters (328 feet). In addition, there are 4 NICE homes clustered in a circle in Midsommer Village. Finally, for the 'do-it-yer-selfer,' there are 4 large 'domes,' featuring OPEN LAND, and you can build your OWN residence! Why not a "tent," firepit, etc.? Or?

Far above, at roughly 400 meters (1312 feet), there are 16 very LOW-COST rentals in HoboTown. :) There is a community shower, outhouse, and a really nice area around a fire-pit to gather with neighbor girls for chit-chat. Each small unit has all you really need to exist in SL: a grungy bed, floor, roof, and even a FREE "sanitary bucket" to take care of your daily waste. :) For your convenience you can simply DUMP IT over a wall and shout "look out below!"

All rentals can be equipped, free of charge, with a security orb. They project a global force field about a unit so as to block intruders and keep your private home private! Why a security orb, you ask? Well, would you like a stranger walking in on you while you're in the shower? :)