The front lawn of our home offers many amenities. Besides the Plaza mentioned elsewhere, there are several dance balls, slow dancing thru Salsa, plus an overhead "group" dance ball. If you look in front of the girl in the blue dress, you will see a platform on a post. This is a local map of Girltown, with signs, for your convenience. On the left you see a planter box for couple sits and chit chat. To the left of it is a mysterious DOOR. Who know where it goes? I dunno. Click it to open, if you dare, & mouse till you click a green chair. You will be transported SOMEWHERE; where could it be?  Hmmm.

Oh, do you see that white ball on the ground left of the planter? THAT is a "snowball." If you click it, then click on a name on a pop-up list, you will hurl a large snowball at whoever you choose. FUN! Of course, THEY can do the SAME, so watch out!