The front lawn of our home in Second Life offers MANY amenities. Besides the Plaza, on the far right, mentioned elsewhere, there are several dance balls, slow line dancing, plus a lovely, circular, and rotating, pinkish dance floor with a variety of GREAT dance routines!

There are "TP Pads," i.e., "teleport pads" to various fun places around our island, and all kinds of "gizmos and gadgets." One, which looks like a miniature giraffe, will, if you clcik it, make your head swirl round and round and rise up a body length! It is fun.

There is a MYSTERY DOOR. Who know where it goes? I dunno. Click it to open, if you dare, & mouse over it it until you see a green chair to click on, you will be transported SOMEWHERE; where could it be?  Hmmm.

So MUCH there to SEE and to DO!

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