On the front lawn of our home is a "Plaza." It is a cobble-stoned area that includes a lovely fountain, refreshments, and a casual seating area. The disrobed girl avatar statue above the fountain was chosen to be representative of many of US at Girltown. :) You can see the resemblance to yourself, and her perfect figure, right? Hahaha. It is good to want things!

On the right of the Plaza you will notice a "Cork Board." Feel free to use it to post messages to friends, seek a job, or whatever, OK? Instructions are given. There is a miniature yellow giraffe in the lower right. If you click it, it will STRETCH your neck. Hahaha.

Also in view, straight ahead, is a warning sign to MEN who might invade our island. Worse yet, it could be a SHEMALE, i.e., "a man in a dress." These are male deviate perverts and, unfortunately, as you will learn in time, about 1/3 of women in SL are REALLY men. Not good, but nothing is perfect. Our Girltown Security Force catches and ejects them, if our robot man killer doesn't beat them to it. :)

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