The Girltown Club House, named "Club Desire," was first modeled after an actual place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It's in the famous jazz area of the city, called "Bourbon Street." However, it has recently been replaced with a newer, and more "modern" version, for better or worse?  :) Comments?

It is, as you can see, divided into 3 areas, the center one having a well-stocked bar and nice 'sit stools.' Also, for others, wanting to 'chit chat' there is a nice wrought iron table and chairs in front along with a more private dance floor in the shape of an old time 45 RPM record.

Way out in front, on the bottom part of this pic, you will see many 'vendor boards.' These offer a wide variety of clothing items, funny tee shirts, and erotic art to use when furnishing your own SL home.

Lastly, do you see the pink balloon in the top right? It offers regular tours all around and above our Girltown Island. You will easily see its landing platform when you visit, OK?

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Club House