At the NW corner of our island is our luxurious 4-unit Girltown Condo.There are 4 individual units. Each has an excellent view, and a private deck. These 2 BR units are highly popular among the residents of Girltown, and are in demand. Each unit offers personal control of window transparency, thus affording privacy for guests and intimate encounters. In addition, renters may "privatize" their units, limiting entrance to personal friends. Our Girltown Security Force (GSF), adds an extra layer of security.

All units are served by a central elevator. At each level, when rented, the door will only open for the renter or those on her private list. On the ground level is a tastefully decorated lobby. It includes convenience items such as a free tampon dispenser, a nice well-lighted lobby area, and a polite doorman to open/close the sliding doors for you. His name is "Carlton," and, naturally, as a "man" serving at Girltown, he is properly neutered so as not to offend you.

On the roof of the Condo you will see a well-decorated party area. It is used on occasion for performances by some of Second Life's best known celebrities. YOU may schedule events there also! Just contact River Song (aka Linda Latte) for details. :)

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